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What to bring

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When you meet with us at Money Lifeline please bring as much financial information as possible.


Bring your mobile phone and Universal Credit login, and letters/texts/emails from the people you owe money to. 

Set out below is a list of the sorts of things you should bring if possible: don’t worry if you haven’t got them all – bring what you can.

And if you haven’t opened your post, just bring it with you – we’ll open it with you and explain what to do.

Finally, if you speak on the phone with your creditors always try to make a note of

  • who you are speaking to (ask for a name and don’t be afraid to ask them to spell it),

  • the phone number, date and time of call,

  • and any reference numbers they quote.  

Please bring those notes with you.


These are the things to bring to your first advice meeting.

You can bring paper copies or electronic copies on your phone or tablet.

Stack of Envelopes

Information about your debts

  • Letters or statements from creditors (people you owe money to) including any demands from debt collectors or bailiffs

  • Bank / Building Society statements or pass books and any letters from them

  • Credit Card / Store Card / Charge Card statements

  • All catalogue or clothing club statements

  • Record card for any loans / schemes collected weekly e.g. Morses door to door

  • Loan agreements including Student Loans

  • Hire Purchase agreements

  • Information about any loans from friends and family

  • Social fund repayments

  • County Court papers or County Court Judgements

  • Unpaid fines such as Parking tickets or Magistrates Court fines

Information about your income

  • Recent pay slips (self and partner)

  • Benefit details e.g. Child Benefit, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Personal Independence Payments and Universal Credit

  • Maintenance / Child Support arrangements

  • Any other income

Information about your spending

  • Rent book or statement

  • Mortgage statement and related letters from Bank or Building Society

  • Council Tax bill (current and any arrears)

  • Water bill

  • Latest gas, electricity or other fuel bills

  • Latest TV, telephone or mobile bills

  • Subscriptions eg Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky

  • Insurance details: car, life cover, house building and house contents

  • Membership details, e.g. gym, golf club etc.

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