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About Us

Money Lifeline offers free, helpful and confidential advice on debt and how to manage your money.

We are staffed by volunteers from local churches and have received full training in debt advice.  We work hard to keep our skills and knowledge up to date: we come from a variety of backgrounds and our volunteers have had different careers and interests. 

Money Lifeline is a registered charity which was set up in Basingstoke in 2007: no charge is ever made for our services.  

We are affiliated to the national charity Community Money Advice who support a network of debt advice centres across the country.  We work with other local organisations to make sure that we do our best to meet our clients' needs.

Money Lifeline is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

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What people say about us

‘Money Lifeline have turned my life around, I cannot thank them enough’

‘Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything ML have done for me’

‘Without the help I received, I honestly do not know where I would be today’

‘Money Lifeline have been more than supportive, recommend to anyone’

‘I was surprised that I wasn’t judged, as I thought I might have been. I’ve found the advice and support very helpful and useful’

‘A wonderful service’

‘Fantastic support, amazing people, great help, understanding, no judgement – without their help I would not have gone

from sobbing my heart out to how I am today’


'I had nothing but a great experience and excellent help at all times'


'The team at Money Lifeline has been so supportive and super efficient'


' I found my adviser to be both compassionate and informative with a grounded approach to managing debt which was a real comfort'


'I feel confident knowing that the problem debt I once had, is now in hand, thanks to their intervention. Thank you!'

When I arrived I was nervous and really felt quite helpless. I believed that there was nothing I could do about my debt and it was horrible.

If it was not for the nonjudgmental, empathetic dedication I received I would still be in debt and I cannot thank you enough



Home Desk

We see clients by appointment and currently run sessions on:

  • Tuesday mornings and afternoons

  • Wednesday afternoons

  • Thursday mornings and afternoons

  • Friday mornings

When you contact us, let us know if there are any times of the day or days of the week you can't make  (perhaps due to work or school) and we'll do our best to find a slot that suits us all.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints

Money Lifeline welcomes feedback on the service you have received.  If there are things you feel could be changed to make the service better, please let us know.

If you feel services or advisers have been especially useful or kind, we would love to hear about it so that we can encourage our team of volunteers.

If you are unhappy about any aspect of the advice or service you have received, please talk to your adviser first.  If your concern cannot be resolved, let us know as we have a dedicated complaints procedure.  If you are unsatisfied with how Money Lifeline deals with your complaint you can pursue your complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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