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Make a referral to us

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If you would like to refer a client or contact for our help please feel free to do so.  We welcome referrals from other agencies and individuals.

We offer free face-to-face debt advice in Basingstoke so clients need to be local and able to get to our town centre office.  

We are primarily debt advisers and can also offer support with budgeting: we have some knowledge of the benefits system and may be able to assist in this area.

Please note we are not financial advisers, nor can we advise about pensions: we do not make grants to individuals or organisations.

To make a referral please ensure you have the person’s permission to share their information with us and that they are willing to be contacted by Money Lifeline. 

We do not use referral forms.

Please contact us by phone, text or email giving the person’s name, contact details (ideally including a phone number) and brief details of their situation and the problems they are facing.

We will then contact the person direct to arrange a meeting.  


At busy periods, we will add the person’s name to our waiting list and arrange a time to meet when an appointment becomes available.  


Our appointments are normally during the week in working hours, so please include any times of the week or day when the person will not be available (for instance, days when they work or times when they have to collect children).

Friends or support workers are welcome to accompany clients to meetings – in fact, we find it helpful if a referring support worker attends the first meeting as this encourages the new client ‘through the door’ which can sometimes be difficult for clients.

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